Bags Totes and Sleeves

Bags Totes and Sleeves

Handcrafted Leather Bags Totes and Sleeves, made from leather recuperated from old couches. It’s Circular and Ecological.

These bags and totes are lined with fabric and make the inside a bit whimsical.

Choose which color you would like, and I will make it for you.
These bags are durable and strong. Because I work with upcycled fabrics and leather, these items are all ecologically sound.

Feel good about buying leather, because I am giving a second life to the leather of old couches and just to let you know, the rest of the materials get upcycled or recycled as well, as much as 85%. So all of that is not ending up in any landfill.

* All prices are the minimum for each product, not including any custom options.