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Terms and conditions of sale

Kristel's Circular Creations

Article 1 – Identity of the seller
Article 2 – applicability and conditions
Article 3 – Our offer and your order
Article 4 – Right of return
Article 5 – Pricing
Article 6 – Payment
Article 7 – Conformity and guarantee
Article 8 – Delivery and excecution
Article 9 – Duration
Article 10 – Force Majeur
Article 11 – Intellectual Property
Article 12 – Complaintsprocedure and disputes

Article 1 Identity of the seller

Kristel's Circular Creations
Kristel Driessens
Konijnenpad 8
2275 Gierle - Belgium
Email: kristel@circularcreations.com
Tel: +32 485 947.182
Tax ID: BE0552613750
Accountnumber: BE23 1431 2023 0591

Article 2 applicability and conditions

1. Our general condidions are applicable for all agreements with you as our customer. Certain
conditions are only applicable to the consumer (each natural person who aquires or uses
commercial products or services, not meant for professional purposes). In that case it will bespecifically mentioned.

2. We deliver worldwide, except to Russia, China, India and North Korea. In case your delivery
address falls within one of these countries we may refuse your order.

3. To order you need to be at least 18 years of age. If you are not yet 18, your parent or legal
gardien can place the order for you. If we are made aware of an order placed by an underaged
person, we may refuse your order.

4. You can find our general sales conditions on our website at all times. Placing an order on our site
means you have explicitly agree to our general sales conditions. However we will ask you to confirm
having read and approve these conditions when placing your order. When ordering online we will
send you a copy along with your orderconfirmation or no later than the delivery date. You can
download the file as a pdf file or print it. We recommend you always do this.

5. . If there are additional conditions are applicable on top of our general sales conditions,
the above is also applicable for these conditions. If our general sales conditions are in
stride with the additional conditions, you, as the consumer can opt for the most adventageous
conditions to you.

Article 3 Our offer and your order

  1. When an offer has a limited time and is subject to certain conditions, this will be explicitly
    mentioned in the offer.
  2. We always describe all of our products for sale as completely as possible as well as the ordering
    The descriptions will be detailed enough for you to make a fair assesment of the products on
    offer. When using visuals they will be a true representation of these products and/or services.
    Be advised though that colors can vary significantly from screen to screen, we can,
    therefore not guarantee the exact color represented on your personal screen.
    In case we have made an obvious mistake, we are no longer under the obligation to deliver.
  3. To purchase a product, you need to choose your preferred product(s) and options, then add the
    product to your shopping cart. Next you need to provide your contact information, delivery
    address and invoicing information, if applicable. Proceed to choose your delivery option: delivery
    at home or business address, A Bpost, PostNL, DPD or DHL droppoint or picking it up from my
    studio (by appointment only) . Choose your payment option and follow the necessary steps to
    compete your payment. In the last step you get an overview of your order and you confirm
    accepting our general sales conditions by clicking the “BY NOW” button. When you have
    completed these steps your order is final. A confirmation will be sent to you.
  4. Your order is complete and our agreement is final once we have sent your an email of your order and when we have received approval of your payment from your bank.
    When the issuer of your payment card refuses payment we cannot be held responsible for any
    delay or cancellation of your order. Orders without legal payment in the name of the registered
    cardholder will not be accepted or processed.

Artikel 4 Herroepingsrecht

1. When your buy standard products from us as a consumer, you retain the right of return within 14
day period. This 14-day period starts counting from the delivery date for purchased goods, or the
purchase date in case of services bought. You can return an order without being charged a
penalty and without having to give justification. You will be responsible for the return costs.

2. Exception: In case you have chosen for one or more of the following options*, but not limited to :
“printing”, “Closure style”, “Paper thickness”, “Personalization of the cover”… that will make the
product personalized returns are impossible unless there is obvious damage or a production error.
In this case, everything needs to be properly documented if possible with the necessary visuals and
other proof, eg. damaged packaging.
Options that are concidered to be “personalized” are marked with an * on the productpage while

3. You need to return your product within 14 days of receiving your product and once you have let us
know you will be returning the product. The cost of the return will be carried by the buyer. We
will indicate what the cost will be (this is an estimate of the rate, as it is not always possible to
get it exact beforehand). You may also return it in person after making an appointment.

4. You may return your product via Postal service or Courier, or as mentioned above you can bring the
item(s) back in person after making an appointment.
* The product has to be returned in the original, unused condition and packaging, or your refund
may be refused.

5. We will refund the complete amount of your purchase minus the cost of the return shipping and handling
costs within 14 days of receiving your return or in case of a service within 14 days of letting us know you
want to break the agreement.
The refund of the purchase price minus shipping will be executed using the same payment method
of you purchase.
* When an exchange rate is involved, the same rate will be used as on the day of your purchase.
* accrued duties and taxes will not be reimbursed.

6. During the first 14 days of receiving the item(s) we expect you to handle your purchase and
packaging carefully. If you want to be able to return them, they will need to be in its original and
unused condition. If you want to be able to return the product, you can only unwrap it to the extent
as to be able to judge whether you want to keep the order (as you would when buying it in a store).
Returned items have to be unused. When returning your order, it has te be complete with all the
different accessories delivered, in its original statel, and if possible with the original packaging,
taking into account our instructions. If your proceed to a point where the product loses its value
due to your handling, we can subtract the amount equal to its devaluation. Purchases of any type of
journals, sketchbooks or agendas (or other paper products) in which has been written or pages torn
out, or if your item has any type of personalization, these items will not be refunded under any
circumstances unless there was damage or a production error. In this case you need to supply the
necessary visual proof of the product and/or packaging to process your claim.

7. To execute your right of return correctly and efficiently, you can fill out the form previously
mentioned and mail it to: kristel@circularcreations.com. We will then send you an email confirmation
of receipt of your request to return.

Modelformulier voor herroeping

Fill out this form only if you wish to execute your right of return

(*) Cross out what doesn’t apply

– Customer Signature*: ……………………………………………………………………………………………..
*(only if this form is sent in on paper – Otherwise fill in your name)
– This is my notification to let you know I am executing my right of return of the following
– To Kristel’s Circular Creations, Konijnenpad 8, 2275 Gierle, Belgium – kristel@circularcreations.com
(*) products/Services: Order number:………………… and full article name or number ……………………………..
– (*) Date ordered / Date received …………………………………………………………………………..
– Customer Address: ……………………………………………………………………………………………..
– Date:……………………………………………. Location: ………………………………………………….

Kristel’s Circular Creations, Konijnenpad 8, 2275 Gierle
Lilsedijk 29/J, 2340 Beerse – www.circularcreations.com
kristel@circularcreations.com – +32 (0)485 94.71.82 – BE 0552.613.750

Article 5 Pricing

  1. Pricing offered on our site during a set time frame will not be adjusted unless there
    is an increase in taxing tarifs
  2. All prices include a sales tax of 21%, so there will be no surprises at check out.
  3. We do opt to charge shipping charges on top of the productpricing. This

Artikel 6 Betaling

  1. We can only accept payments through our payment module on our site.
  2. We accept: Bancontact, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Sofort, Ideal, Giropay; Bank Transfer,
    Amex, Vpay
  3. To insure a safe online payment and to safeguard your personal information,we make use of
    SSL technology. SSL insures your transaction data is encrypted an illegible when they are sent via
    the internet. To make a payment in the SSL platform you do not need any special software. You
    can identify the safe SSL connection by a small “Lock” in the addressbar of your browser.

Article 7 Conformity and guarantee

  1. We guarantee our products are conform to your order and will comply with any normal
    expedtations that you may possibly have, given the information and visuals provided on our
    We guarantee as well that our products are conform all laws as they excist at the time of
    your order.
  2. If the product delivered is not conform your order, you as a consumer have the right of a
    legal guarentee of two years. This means that within two years of delivery of the product
    you discover a hidden problem or production error, we will fix it for you or replace it at no
    cost to you.
    When there are clear signs of abuse or misuse of the product, this guarantee is null and
    Be awere we are working partly wit recuperated materials in which small
    discolorations etc. will not be accepted as “damage”, in fact they are part of the
    materials’ character and charm.
  3. As far as is possible or reasonable, you have the choice between fixing the issue or
    replacing the product. Only when the fix is excessive or replacement is impossble, you
    have the right to ask for a pricereduction or demand a complete refund.
  4. When the defect or errror manifests within 6 months after delivery, it is presumed the
    defect was present at the time of delivery. unless we can prove the contrary. After these 6
    months it is your responsibility to prove the defect was present at the time of delivery

Article 8 delivery and execution

  1. When your product is a stock item, delivery will normally take place within 3 days for Belgium, 5
    days for Europe, up to 2 weeks for worldwide orders.
    When a product is not a stock item and has personalization, add 3 days to your delivery time. We
    will always let you know your delivery time or any delay after receiving your confirmation email.
  2. BE AWARE: Most of our products on the site are made at the time of your order due to the
    many options you can choose from to completely personalize your order. This refers to but is
    not limited to: Leather Color, Personalization of the leather with name or logo etc.
    Again, all delays will be communicated to you no later than one day after ordering.
  3. Deliveries are executed as chosen by you during the check out procedure. Several options are
    always available. In case there is a deveation on the delivery option you have chosen, you will be
    notified asap.
  4. Deliveries will be executed according to the regulations and services available from the courier
    service chosen by you (BPost, PostNL, DPD orDHL) Applicable costs will be clearly noted under
    shipping options on the shipping page.
  5. In case we are unable to deliver in a timely manner, we will let you know before the original delivery
    time has expired. We will then come to a new delivery time agreement with you. If this second
    delivery agreement has passed, you may cancel the original order if you so desire and receive a
    full refund within 30 days of cancellation. if we fail to notify you before the initial delivery time has
    expired, you as a consumer may cancel the original order immediately and without cost to you. Your
    refund will be sent within 30 days of cancellation.
  6. Shipping to you is entirely at our risk. you do not need to worry about lost or damaged goods in the
    mail. However, if you decide to use your right of return within 14 days after your purchase because
    you do not like the product (personalized products excluded), all transportation costs are at your
    expense (see Article 4).
  7. In case of visible errors or mistakes, we need to be notified within 3 days of receiving your order
    (preferably with the necessary visuals of the damaged packaging, damaged or non conform
    product…). Visible errors in the product can be as follows: products damaged during transportation (in
    this case it is essential to document everything with photos), products that do not match the
    description or are different from the product(s) on your order form. (Visible defect).
    8. We cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages caused by late or non-delivery by the
    chosen courier service. Our responsibility is always limited to the cost of the product(s) of which you
    can demonstrate that you did not receive them (eg. by filing a claim with the courier service or the
    tracking information)

Article 9 Duration

  1. If we have reached an agreement of indetermined duration (without a set due date), you may
    cancel this agreement at any time. This may happen only when respecting the cancellation
    policies in place. This means you need to notify us of the cancellation by email at the
    following address: kristel@circularcreations.com A cancellation period of one month maximum is in
  2. An agreement made over a set time will run for a maximum of 2 years.
  3. If an agreement was reached over the purchase of services and it has been agreed the contract will
    be extended silently (without notification from us) if you do not cancel within the set period, this
    agreement will automatically become an agreement of undetermined duration. At this time the same
    rules of cancellation set forth in paragraph (1) will apply in keeping with the set cancellation
    rules and time period.
  4. If our agreement has a set duration and concerns the purchase of goods and it has been agreed upon
    that the contract will be extended silently (without notification on our part) if you do not cancel within
    the set time frame, the contract will automatically become one of undetermined duration. At this time
    the same rules of cancellation set forth in paragraph (1) will apply and in keeping with the set
    cancellation rules and time period.

Article 10 Recupel

  1. As per exception we may deliver batteries to go with certain items. This will only be at live events,
    craft markets, Holiday markets or Open Studio events and the like. In that case you may deposit
    your discarded batteries with us. These are limited to the following types of batteries: AA, AAA, D or
  2. We would like to stress the fact that all electric and electronic equipment and batteries that are
    outdated, broken or at the end of their life expectancy may not be deposited in your trashcan but
    need to be deposited in the sorting bins of the towns’ waste management sites. This prohibition is
    marked on said products by a symbol of a “crossed out trashbin” (This pertains to Belgium, please
    follow the rules of your specific country). The purpose of this regulation is to limit the waste of
    raw materials and to protect the environment and our health by preventing dangerous
    chemicals and materials from these products to spread in the environment.

Article 11 Force majeur

  1. . In case of Force Majeur, we are not tied to any contractual obligations. In such an event we can either
    postpone our obligation for the duration of the situation or terminate the contract entirely. When in this
    situation we are not bound to pay out any damages.
  2. Force Majeur refers to any circumstance that occurs outside of our doing and control which
    prevents us to execute our obligation in part or in its entirety. These circumstances are, but not
    limited to: Strikes, fire, power failures, business failures, problems with communications systems or
    network connections and/or the unavailability of our website, untimely delivery by our suppliers or
    other third parties.
  3. As this company is run by myself only, it may be the company will close for several days in case of
    illness. In such an event all customers with running orders will be notified of any delays and a
    mention will be made on our website. In case your order has not yet gone into production you may
    cancel it at no cost to you.
    Holiday closures do not fall under this rule, but will be posted on our website well in advance

Article 12 Intelectual property

  1. 1. Our website, logos, texts, photos, names, and all our communications, in general, are protected by
    intellectual property rights. These rights belong to Kristel’s Circular creations on one hand or our suppliers on
    the other.
  2. It is prohibited to make use of and/or make any changes to the intellectual property rights
    as described in this article. This means you may not copy, or reproduce eg. drawings,
    photographs, names, texts, logos, color combinations, etc… without our explicit approval in

Artile 13 complaints and grievances

  1. Of course we always hope our customers are satisfied 100% of the time, however mistakes
    happen, we are all human. In the event you do have a complaint you may contact us at all
    times at the following email address: kristel@circularcreations.com.
    We will do our best to resolve the issue within 7 days.
  2. For every sale or contract that we make, independent from the consumers’ country of
    residence, only Belgian law is applicable. If for any reason due to international law a different
    international law is applicable, we will primarily refer to Belgian law, market practices and consumer
    protection as stated in the Belgian code of economic law,
    For any grievances only the following BELGIAN COURT is legally authorized:
    Ondernemingsrechtbank / Corporate Court, Wezenstraat 7, 2300 Turnhout – Belgium
  3. As a consumer you also have the possibility to resolve the issue outside of court. You can contact
    the consumer Ombudsmanservice of the federal government. It is autorized to receive every
    request to an outside of court settlement of consumer differences. It will either settle the request
    inhouse or send it to a qualified entity. You may contact he Ombudsmanservice through the
    following link: http://www.consumentenombudsdienst.be
  4. In case of any disputes accross the border, you can make use of the Online Dispute Resolution
    Platform of the European Union via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/odr
  5. In the event we are unable to come to a resolution through our personal complaintsdepartment
    (see article 12.1) you may turn to Safeshops for more help. When your complaint is accepted by
    Safeshops it will mediate in a nutral manner between Kristel’s Circular Creations and the consumer.
  6. Be aware that only complaints filed with a complaint form through the following link: https://
    www.safeshops.be/nl/consumers-complaints/ will be treated. That way Safeshops will receive all
    the necessary and correct information to further treat the complaint.