Journal – SPECIAL OFFER – Medium


I HANDMAKE my JOURNAL – SPECIAL OFFER – MEDIUM with the utmost care and a heart for nature in Belgium. I only use recuperated Leather, as well as certified paper and mostly natural materials.

You can choose from numerous options to make your book all your own, like no one elses’. For example: Leather Color, Personalization on the cover, Closure Style and more.

Therefore every book is completely UNIQUE 

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas and it changes constantly as I find new couches to dismantle. In essence the choice in available leather colors, perpetually changes as well.  So that makes the book YOU buy TRULY ONE OF A KIND. 

The unique binding visible on the spine allows your book to always lie flat for an excellent writing and or sketching experience.  

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Product Description


Are you looking for a unique gift, one that will impress and be completely unique? Come on, be honest, it is much more fun to give something when you know they did not expect this. A personal message or photograph printed on the inside, their name imprinted on the cover, or maybe just a 2 word quote, like : to mom, my love, best friend, LIVE – LOVE, you think of it, I can print it.

YOUR JOURNAL – Special Offer – Medium  comes with a few options that are normally available for a fee, but for a limited time , you can have them for FREE:

  • Leather Color – included
  • Color Flypaper – included
  • 144 Pages – 120gr/m²
  • Personalization on the Cover – 2 words or First & Last Name – Value €8,00
  • Lined on both sides – Value €4,00
  • Personalized Title Page – Value €8,00
  • Closure Style Wrap & Pushclosure – Vlue €15,00


So decide quickly, you have until August 15th to order. Just fill in the order form with the correct information, send me a pdf file for the titel page and I will get it made just for you.

By the way, just between you and me… you can just get it for yourself too of course 😉

Offer valid until August 15 2023

The Materials for my Journal – Special Offer – Medium:

The Leather:

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas. As I find new couches to dismantle, I add new available colors and textures of Leather. Therefore the choice of available leather colors perpetually changes as well. That makes the products YOU buy undoubtedly TRULY ONE OF A KIND.

I find these couches within a 10 to 15-kilometer radius of my home. As a result, I keep my Ecological Footprint as small as possible.

We use as many Certified and Ecological materials as possible. In Short, it helps us keep true to our Ecological Concept.

I distribute the unused materials of these couches amongst other partners. For instance: foam, feathers, and other filling materials. Consequently, they in turn upcycle or recycle these materials as well. For example, Insulation Materials, stuffing for kids’ toys, Animal Bedding, Automotive Applications as well as Mats for Martial Arts, and other sports flooring. Obviously, there are many more uses.

check out some of my partners:

Check our other Leather Items as well. We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful and quality Leather Products. As has been noted, all are HANDCRAFTED WITH A HEART FOR NATURE – 

The Cork: 

I use a 2mm thick insulation cork to strengthen the leather covers on the inside, when necessary. This type of cork is much more refined which makes it more flexible. Cork is a 100% natural product, which of course is a bonus. 

The Paper for my Journal & Sketchbook – Medium: 

The Flypapers:

The papers in the front and back of the book block are called “Flypapers”. 

Flypapers give your book that extra touch. Specifically, they give the writing or drawing paper extra protection from dirt and handling.

The paper has a very natural look and weighs 100gr/m². There are 10 different soft colors to choose from.  

The paper is VEGAN and will not discolor with age or disintegrate and is acid-free. 

The Bookblock:

The writing or sketching paper on the inside, otherwise called “Bookblock”, is divided into several signatures. They look like small booklets. Each of these signatures contains 9 sheets or 36 pages. 

I chose the paper with great care for its quality as well as for the necessary ecological certification (FSC or PEFC) and always produced acid-free, without bleach or other aggressive chemicals. Therefore it will not discolor with age nor disintegrate. 

The paper you can choose from is either 120gr/m² or 160gr/m². Most of the books out there contain paper between 50gr/m² and 90gr/m². 

The extra thickness of the paper is not only great for writing on one hand, but you can also use many other art media. For example fountain pen, pencil, markers, crayon and pastels, even watercolor on the thickest paper. The smooth texture of the paper allows for a  superior writing and drawing results. 


The Thread 

The sewing thread is made of five-ply waxed linen. In fact, the 5 strands of linen are twisted and waxed. For this reason it is very sturdy and will not break.