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Refund and returns policy

Kristel's Circular Creations

What is our Return Policy?

  • Every order is made to your specifications/custom. That is why we cannot accept any returns unless: 
  • There is fysical dammage to the product 
  • We have made an error in your order 
  • ATTENTION – When ordering personalization on the cover or titlepage, make sure to check the spelling. We cannot be held responsible if the spelling error originates with you. 
  • In case we made an error or the item is damaged, but not caused by transportation, you may contact us through our “request for return” form. Once your request has been reviewed, we will provide you with a return label.

Have we received your return?

  • When receiving your return, you will be notified by email. Make sure to always check your spambox. 
  • If you suspect your return has been lost, make sure to check the trackingnumber first and/or contact the courrierservice used. In case you have used a return label provided by me, please contact me by email 
  • I will contact the Courier service and will keep you updated on any communication and developement of the  situation until such time there is a resolution. 
  • Make sure to add your name, order number and tracking number in each communication. 

I need a new return form

  • Make sure to add your name and order number in each communication. 
  • Alternatively you can fill in this form on the website.

Can I exchange an item

  • As each item is made to your specifications, we can not make any exchanges. 
  • If you would like to adjust your order, you can do this as long as production has not started. The total amount of your order will be recalculated according to the adjustments or changes your request. You will receive either a payment request or a reembursement depending on the price difference to your original order. Additional payments have to be made before production is started. 

If you have any other questions that were not covered here, please send me an email and I will respond ASAP. Your questions and comments are more than welcome and will help me to expand and improve the FAQ page. 



To insure great customer service I will always answer your mails in a timely manner. However sometimes I may need to contact a third party to get your anser, but I will let you know. 

Thank you for your loyalty and your visit.