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Our Simple Totebag is handcrafted with great care and love from recuperated leather and perfect to store just about anything, it fits most laptops or you can just use it to do your shopping.

The Leather I recuperate from old Leather seats and sofas changes constantly as I find new couches to dismantle. That is why the choice in available leather colors, perpetually changes as well, which makes the Expanding file & Portfolio  YOU buy TRULY ONE OF A KIND. 

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Product Description

Simple Totebag

The best simple totebag, roomy, with an inside and outside pocket and completely lined.

Get one for your things when going to work, take it on your shopping trip, no matter where or for what purpose, this Simple Totebag checks all the boxes.

This Simple Totebag has:

  • 1 Large compartment, 40x32x10xm
  • 1 Outside pocket (40x20cm
  • 1 Small inside pocket
  • Completely Lined
  • A zipper closure to secure your things
  • A extendable Shoulderstrap 101cm –> 112cm
  • Fits most laptops

Certainly, this totebag really is handy, get yours quicly, just pick the color you like and I will make it to order.


Everything is handcrafted in Belgium, with the utmost care and with a HEART FOR NATURE.  

All Leather and fabric pieces, of which there are 17 different ones are cut according to templates and then get assembled carefully.

Don’t be fooled, it is quite the puzzle, putting a bag together.

Slowly and one by one I sew and add new pieces. It is time consuming, buta  kind of magic to see it come together.

Make YOUR Simple Totebag  all your own by choosing from different options like:

  • Leather Color
  • Personalization on the Outside (name, quote…)

The Materials

The Leather:

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas. As I find new couches to dismantle, I add new available colors and textures of Leather. Therefore the choice of available leather colors perpetually changes as well. That makes the products YOU buy undoubtedly TRULY ONE OF A KIND.

I find these couches within a 10 to the 15-kilometer radius of my home. As a result, I keep my Ecological Footprint as small as possible.

We use as many Certified and Ecological materials as possible. In Short, it helps us keep true to our Ecological Concept.

I distribute the unused materials of these couches amongst other partners. For instance: foam, feathers, and other filling materials. Subsequently, they in turn upcycle or recycle these materials as well. For example, Insulation Materials, stuffing for kids’ toys, Animal Bedding, Automotive Applications as well as Mats for Martial Arts, and other sports flooring. There are many more uses.

check out some of my partners:

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