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I HANDMAKE my REFILABLE SKETCHBOOK – LARGE with the utmost care and a heart for nature in Belgium. For this I use recuperated Leather, as well as certified sketchbooks and mostly natural materials. Choose your from numerous options. For example: Leather Color, Personalization on the cover, Closure Style and more.  So you make it all yours, like no one elses. 

Therefore every book is completely UNIQUE 

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas and it changes constantly as I find new couches to dismantle. That is why the choice in available leather colors, perpetually changes as well.  So that makes the book YOU buy TRULY ONE OF A KIND. 

Refill your cover with a new sketchbook once you have filled the first one, second one, third….  Keep your beautiful cover for perpetual use.


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Product Description

Refillable Sketchbook – Large

I handmake my REFILLABLE SKETCHBOOK – LARGE in Belgium, firstly with the utmost care and secondly with a HEART FOR NATURE.  .  

I cut the leather to size with a template , I mark and punch it. As a result it is easier for sewing all the way around the cover later.

This type of book will not have a cork interior and is not available in all colors, in fact the leather needs to be a bit thicker.

I fasten the same template to the book because it helps me to punch the holes where the cover will be sewn later on. 

Lastly I insert a SKETCHBOOK into the cover. Of course extra inserts are available as well.

Make YOUR REFILLABLE SKETCHBOOK – LARGE  all your own by choosing from different options like:

  • Leather Color
  • Personalization on the Cover
  • Closure Style
  • and more

The Materials for my Refillable Sketchbook – Large:

The Leather:

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas and it changes constantly as I find new couches to dismantle. Therefore the choice in available leather colors perpetually changes as well. So that makes the products YOU buy TRULY ONE OF A KIND.

It’s Circular and Ecological

I find these couches within a 10 ot 15 kilometer radius from my home. As a result I keep my Ecological Footprint as small as possible.

We use as many Certified and Ecological materials as possible. This way we can keep true to our Ecological Concept.

I distribute the unsused materials of these couches amongst other partners. For intstance: foam, feather and other filling materials. Consequently they in turn upcycle or recycle these materials as well. For example: Insulation Materials, stuffing for kids toys, Animal Bedding, Automotive Applications as well as Mats for Martial Arts and other sports flooring. Obviously there are many more uses.

check out some of my partners:


My Refillable Sketchbook – Large? It’s Circular and Ecological!


Check out our other Leather Items as well. We pride ourselves for delivering beautiful and quality Leather Products, all HANDCRAFTED WITH A HEART FOR NATURE – 

The Refillable Sketchbook:

I carefully chose these Sketchbooks. Thus they fit into our ecological concept perfectly. Evidently they are FSC certified. Choose  to buy one or more extra inserts.

The Sketchbook has 100 blank cream pages of 160gr/m². This book is undeniably a great way to let your creativity shine through.

The Thread:

The sewing thread is made of five-ply waxed linen. In fact, the 5 strands of linen are twisted and waxed. For this reason it is very sturdy and will not break.