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Our Photo Albums come in 3 sizes, are handcrafted with great care and love from recuperated leather, Black, Blauer Engel Certified Paper matched with naturally tinted Vegan Flypapers, to store your most precious photographs.

Give one to each of your grown children with treasured photographs of them growing up. Or you may be looking to have one for your Wedding or other significant moments and memories in your lives.

There are 3 or 6 signatures (booklets) in each Photo Album with high quality black paper which is sturdy enough to attach your photographs with double sticky tape or using photo corners and will set off your images beautifully.

The Leather I recuperate from old Leather seats and sofas changes constantly as I find new couches to dismantle. That is why the choice in available leather colors, perpetually changes as well, which makes the book YOU buy TRULY ONE OF A KIND. 


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Product Description

Photo Album – Large

Why leave your photos on your Mobile or PC?

Do you ever even look at them anymore? Have you experienced the charm of a Photo Album – Large before? Get together on the couch with your partner, your kids, your parents, or your friends to leaf through those great memories. Laugh or shed a tear, but most of all enjoy what you see and each other. Such occasions aren’t necessarily old-fashioned, they are imperative for us as we are more often than not only digitally engaged. We are always looking at a screen, where is the fun in that?

Photo Album – Large:

I handmake my PHOTO ALBUM – LARGE in Belgium, firstly with the utmost care and secondly with a HEART FOR NATURE.  

I cut the leather roughly to size as well as a piece of cork. Subsequently, I glue both pieces together to form a sturdy leather cover.

I fasten the same template to the book because it helps me punch the holes where the paper will be sewn into the cover later.

They deliver the paper in large parent sheets. I cut the paper to size in sets 4 (4 sheets to a signature)  once I have marked the paper. Next, I get the correct number of signatures, print them when needed, fold them, and cut them again to even the edges. 

I use special heavy black paper of 300gr/m² to attach your photos with photo tape or corners.

I cut the Flypapers to size as well and I fold them over the first and last signature. 

Both the cover and the paper are now ready to be sewn together.  

The Signatures are hand sewn into the cover, but unlike most bindings, this one is visible on the outside. As can be seen, our books show a decorative stitch on the outside of the spine. 

This unique stitching allows your book to always lay flat when writing or drawing. 

Make YOUR PHOTO ALBUM – Large  all your own by choosing from different options like:

  • Leather Color
  • Personalization on the Cover
  • 48 or 96 pages
  • Closure Style
  • and more

The Materials for my Photo Album – Large:

The Leather:

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas. As I find new couches to dismantle, I add new available colors and textures of Leather. Therefore the choice of available leather colors perpetually changes as well. That makes the products YOU buy undoubtedly TRULY ONE OF A KIND.

I find these couches within a 10 to 15-kilometer radius of my home. As a result, I keep my Ecological Footprint as small as possible.

We use as many Certified and Ecological materials as possible. In Short, it helps us keep true to our Ecological Concept.

I distribute the unused materials of these couches amongst other partners. For instance: foam, feathers, and other filling materials. Consequently, they in turn upcycle or recycle these materials as well. For example, Insulation Materials, stuffing for kids’ toys, Animal Bedding, Automotive Applications as well as Mats for Martial Arts, and other sports flooring. Obviously, there are many more uses.

check out some of my partners:

Check our other Leather Items as well. We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful and quality Leather Products that, most importantly are HANDCRAFTED WITH A HEART FOR NATURE – 


My Photo Album – Large?  It’s Circular and Ecological!


The Cork: 

I use a 2mm thick insulation cork to strengthen the leather covers on the inside, when necessary. This type of cork is much more refined which makes it more flexible. Cork is a 100% natural product, which is a bonus, obviously. 

The Paper for my Photo Album – Large: 

The Flypapers:

The papers in the front and back of the book block are called “Flypapers”. 

Flypapers give your book that extra touch. Specifically, they give the writing or drawing paper extra protection from dirt and handling.

The paper has a very natural look and weighs 100gr/m². There are 10 different soft colors to choose from.  

This paper is VEGAN and will not discolor with age or disintegrate and is acid-free. 

The Bookblock:

The heavy black paper on the inside, otherwise called “Bookblock”, is divided into several signatures. They look like small booklets. Each of these signatures contains 4 sheets or 16 pages. 

I chose the paper with great care for its quality as well as for the necessary ecological certification (Blauer Engel) and always produced acid-free, without bleach or other aggressive chemicals. Therefore it will not discolor with age nor disintegrate. 

The paper is extra heavy to support your photographs easily. Subsequently, there are fewer pages in a Photo Album than there are in a Journal or Sketchbook.

The extra thickness of the paper is not only great for photographs on one hand, but you can also use many other art media.

Making Art on black paper gives unique and unusual results. But it is a challenge and fun to do.

The Thread:

The sewing thread is made of five-ply waxed linen. In fact, the 5 strands of linen are twisted and waxed. For this reason it is very sturdy and will not break.