Leather Planter – Large

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This handcrafted leather container with recycled plastic liner is made to hold a basic plantpot of 14,5cm – 5.71 inch  high  with a maximum diameter of 14 cm – 5.51 inch.

Not so much for plants? Use it as a grab and go container for candies, pens….

The Leather I recuperate from old Leather seats and sofas changes constantly as I find new couches to dismantle. That is why the choice in available leather colors, perpetually changes as well, which makes the planter/container YOU buy TRULY ONE OF A KIND. 

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Product Description

Leather Planter – Large

Decorate your home or workspace with a handcrafted Leather Planter – Large. Our planters come with a recycled plastic insert to keep water from draining into the leather or your furniture. You are no good with plants, you lack Green Fingers? You can use these leather containers for anything you like after all. Set them out with candies on your table or with paperclips or pens on your desk. Whatever you would like to grab quickly, even your keys at the door. We make these fun containers with the utmost care and of course a heart for nature, using recuperated leather and recycled plastic. We aim to be as ecologically sound as possible.

Leather Planter – Large:

I handmake my LEATHER PLANTER – Large in Belgium, firstly with the utmost care and secondly with a HEART FOR NATURE.  

I cut the leather pieces to size using a template. After that, I clean and wax the leather. This is particularly important as I use recuperated leather.

I fasten the same template to the Leather pieces because it helps me punch the holes where they will be sewn together later.

You will receive a RECYCLED Plastic Liner with each planter. Consequently, this allows the leather to remain dry when watering your plants.

Make YOUR LEATHER PLANTER – LARGE  all your own by choosing from different options like:

  • Leather Color
  • Personalization on the Leather
  • Color Hardware
  • and more

The Materials for my Leather Planter – Large:

The Leather:

I recuperate the Leather from old Leather seats and sofas. As I find new couches to dismantle, I add new available colors and textures of Leather. Therefore the choice of available leather colors perpetually changes as well. That makes the products YOU buy undoubtedly TRULY ONE OF A KIND.

I find these couches within a 10 to 15-kilometer radius of my home. As a result, I keep my Ecological Footprint as small as possible.

We use as many Certified and Ecological materials as possible. In Short, it helps us keep true to our Ecological Concept.

I distribute the unused materials of these couches amongst other partners. For instance: foam, feathers, and other filling materials. Consequently, they in turn upcycle or recycle these materials as well. For example, Insulation Materials, stuffing for kids’ toys, Animal Bedding, Automotive Applications as well as Mats for Martial Arts, and other sports flooring. Obviously, there are many more uses.

check out some of my partners:

Check our other Leather Items as well. We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful and quality Leather Products that, most importantly are HANDCRAFTED WITH A HEART FOR NATURE – https://kristelscircularcreations.com/shop 


My Leather Planter – Large?  It’s Circular and Ecological!


The Hardware:

I use rivets to join the pieces of leather before sewing. You can choose different colors to suit your taste on the one hand or to better match the color of the Leather, on the other hand.

The Thread:

The sewing thread is made of five-ply waxed linen. In fact, the 5 strands of linen are twisted and waxed. For this reason it is very sturdy and will not break.